Healthcare Talent Solutions

For decades, the greatest brands have relied on Techy-wave for Nursing and Health Staffing Solutions

Global Nurse Staffing Solutions

In more than 50 countries, Techy-wave provides quality talent for all industries that rely on healthcare professionals.

From healthcare and pharmaceutical, to clinical, you can come to Techy-wave for top talent in any healthcare role

With a robust network of fully-vetted, highly-qualified and flexible travel nurses, Techy-wave is ready to fill gaps and meet your organization's nurse staffing needs.
Our per-diem staffing solution gives you healthcare talent, on-demand. With thousands of per diem nursing opportunities available across the world, we offer a flexible and cost-effective solution to last-minute shift cancellations and census fluctuations.
Techy-wave’s international nurse staffing solutions provide organizations with long-term nurse staffing coverage from fully licensed nurses across the world.
We know crises across the globe can create urgent gaps in staffing levels, and create an immediate need for crisis nurse staffing. Thoroughly experienced in crisis response,Techy-wave provides the nurse coverage you require at the critical time you require it.
Techy-wave EMR staffing solutions ensure smooth Electronic Medical Record (EMR) transitions, integrations and updates, each step of the way — from discovery, to system implementation and upgrades, through to completion

End-to-End Health Staffing Solutions

Gain flexibility and agility in meeting your ever-changing talent needs across the globe.

Our award-winning service attracts and retains a vibrant network of top talent throughout EMEA, Americas and APAC. So, you can efficiently secure health clinicians from any disciplines and setting: .

Techy-wave’s best-in-class imaging and radiology staffing services help you fill positions across a spectrum of specialty and practice settings - hospitals, doctor's offices, urgent care centers, outpatient surgery centers, diagnostic labs and imaging centers
Healthcare facilities across the globe depend on Techy-wave for qualified candidates to fill laboratory positions. Our talent pool is pre-vetted, ready-to-work and spans a variety of disciplines and settings – from local contractors and travel clinicians, to seasonal staffing or per diem workers.
Our robust network of qualified and trusted therapy professionals will relieve your therapy staffing needs. Our outstanding customer service and expert career of therapy professionals will take your therapy staffing to the next level.
We specialize in recruiting for per-diem healthcare professionals. As your trusted partner, our per-diem staffing solutions will meet your current and future needs.

Receive only the highest-quality candidates

We maintain a close relationship with the local talent market by having recruiters located in 14 countries. So, we know where to source even the most hard-to-find skills and understand what "great" talent looks like. After interviewing and reviewing candidates, you receive the top-ranked candidates along with their assessment and comments from their interview.